Stepping Out #Write28Days

Each year, I try to seek God about what He would have me focus on for the year. Some years I am better than others about following through on it, but I do generally ask and begin seeking areas where He is trying to grow me. This year was no different, and even before the year began, I knew my theme would be Stepping Out.

This is definitely a work in process, but as I begin this challenge to write 28 days, I want to focus on what I feel God is speaking to me about stepping out during this time. It may be areas I need to stop making excuses, or areas where I am stepping out. Even this exercise of discipline in writing it me stepping out in 2021!

This will be the Landing page for the #Write28Day Challenge for 2021.  Each day I will add a link for the current writing day. Word Prompts will be used as much as I can just to go with the spirit of the challenge.  This blog is inspired by Anita Ojeda and the #Write28Days Challenge.  The challenge is to write 28 days in February.  For more information or to get involved, go to Write28Day.

Day 1: Disappoint

Day 2: Enthusiasm

Day 3: Learn

Day 4: Make

Day 5: Sunrise

Day 6: Awe

Day 7: Emphasis

Day 8: Exasperate

Day 9: Energize

Day 10: Predicament

Day 11: Argument

Day 12: Once

Day 13: Awestruck

Day 14: Creativity

Day 15: Habit

Day 16: Serendipity

Day 17: Profession

Day 18: Experience

Day 19: Observant

Day 20: Peaceable

Day 21: Recuperate

Day 22: Resemble

Day 23: Perception

Day 24: Persistent

Day 25: Patience

Day 26: Enable

Day 27: Hibernate

Day 28: Perceive

Thank you for taking time to walk along this 28 day journey with me. I pray that as God has spoken to me, that He has also spoken to your heart during this series. Please feel free to share how God is calling you to step out in this next season of your own journey so I can be praying for you!

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