Imperfect Christian

We all fit into this category of Imperfect Christians, but for some the imperfections seem larger than others. Not that I'm comparing, but the truth is most of my sin came after I was saved.  It's a fact I'm not proud of, but one I think others can relate to themselves.  It's something I have... Continue Reading →

Old Things

Last week in a discussion with family, I was faced with the stark reality of the person I used to be. My mind was flooded with memories, but most details were gone. I realized how much of my life I have truly forgotten, even things I should know.  Things I once knew like the back of... Continue Reading →

Helping without hurting

There has been a lot written lately about when helping hurts.   There are so many people who want to meet the needs of others. They are well-meaning, but they don’t realize that there are times when our desire to help hurts the other person. As a social worker, I have seen this first hand many times, and... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Father

I have the world’s greatest father. I know every little kid makes that card, and most of them at the time believe it to be true. I am forty now, and if I made that card, I would be fully convinced of that as I drew my heart and signed my name. It’s been 19... Continue Reading →

Service needs

There are so many needs in my community.  Things that spark a passion in my heart - food banks, services to children who have been abused and neglected, services to the homeless, services to single parents and women, services to children aging out of foster care, just to name a few.  There are many more programs and... Continue Reading →

Into His Presence

I shamefully come in tattered, filthy rags, pausing at the door of His presence.  I am clothed with how I see myself as I approach a perfect God.  As I shyly open the door, I am met by Jesus and covered in His righteousness as I approach.  That is how God sees me, clothed in... Continue Reading →

Everything and Nothing Less

Everything and nothing less My life is Yours Completely Yours Singing this song last night in worship, I realized that I was just singing words. It is not just the good that God wants us to give to Him.  He wants everything and nothing less.  When I hold back the dark and ugly feelings I... Continue Reading →

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