Promises for You

Today I was reading in Romans 8:31-39, I would encourage you to read God's promises there for yourself.  But here is a few of the things I pulled out that I wanted to share. God is on your side. God have His only Son for you, why would He not provide for the other things... Continue Reading →

Cheer {FMFParty}

 People tell me that I exude confidence.  The truth is, I am assertive and people often mistake that for confidence.  I don't take everything people say to heart, but I process it.  I decide if there is any truth to all comments and criticism.  I weigh if there is something I need to let God work on... Continue Reading →

You are blessed

As you start your day, I just want to remind you of just how blessed and loved you are. Ephesians1:3-8 holds many truths. I would encourage you to explore for yourself. Among them: God has blessed you with every good thing because you are saved and you belong to Jesus. He chose you to be... Continue Reading →

Captured by the Beauty

My body has been back to work for a few weeks, by my heart is still vacationing.  I realize it has been much too long since I just relaxed and allowed myself to just be.  As we were making the drive back to Arkansas from North Carolina,  I would close my eyes and try to... Continue Reading →

Moving into Trust

This is one of the first scriptures I learned in childhood. I remember getting a book for learning it, a book that I would later read to my children and grandchildren. The truth is, it's one thing to know and memorize a scripture verse and it's another thing to live it. Trust comes hard, even... Continue Reading →

Commands from Eden

It was the first command to people in the Bible. It is times as Christians that we stand bearing the fruit of the Spirit, multiplying God's seed that we have been given, filling the earth with His glory, and subduing the voice and actions of the enemy.

It’s Possible {#Tuesday@Ten}

I have been in a funk the past few days. People notice, and comment.  I thought that I would "reset" after Mother's Day.  Everyone told me it would be hard.  I read every bit of advise from people who have been where I am.  I thought I was ready, although I was prepared for it... Continue Reading →

Intentional in the Small Things

The tables filling the room were already set.  To anyone walking in to eat, things were prepared.  A folded napkin, knife and fork, and a small appetizer plate placed at each setting.  Yet he took notice of the tiny imperfection in the folding of the napkin.  He carefully removed the silverware and straightened the napkin... Continue Reading →

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