Luxury Properties

POD #30: 3 Luxury Properties Location, Location, Location, that is what immediately comes to mind when I think of luxury properties.  My husband and I have been looking at vacation properties in Puerto Rico, with his long-term goal being to move there permanently.  I think that it is more vacation-itis because we went there last... Continue Reading →

Help is on the way

POD #29: Help is on the way When I think about times that I have needed help, and received it from a totally unexpected source, my mind is overwhelmed with the examples. Like the time I needed money to get to my friend's memorial and a customer in the bank met my need as he... Continue Reading →

3 Kinds of People

POD #28: 3 Kinds of People Pivot person Today I celebrate my eighteenth anniversary.  We almost didn't make it the second time around.  Five years into our second marriage together, it almost ended.  But one person was brave enough to say what needed to be said to spark a change in me that impacted my... Continue Reading →

How do you know what you know?

POD #27: How do you know what you know? Who am I? It's a thought provoking question we all ask at some point. Forming our identity is a stage of development that we all go through.  I believe that we go through it more than once.  As we reach milestones in our lives that completely change our roles, how... Continue Reading →

The voice in your head

POD #26: The voice in your head Very seldom do I write things off, due to the voices in my head.  I may set a goal and say "when...then."  Like I want to go sky diving and bungee jumping, however I am morbidly obese and I don't think that is the smartest idea.  However, I... Continue Reading →

Lost (and found) arts

POD #25: Lost (and found) arts As much as I would love to come up with some profound lost art, when I think of lost arts, I immediately think of a conversation I overheard with a man living in poverty.  He was a man who once had a promising future in the executive world, and... Continue Reading →

Annus mirabilus

POD #24: Annus mirabilus Last week I was encouraged to read Ephesian 2 in the Message version, the entire chapter.  In it there were several lines that really jumped out at me about how to live not just a annus mirabilus, but a life mirabilus. You let the world...tell you how to live. When I spend... Continue Reading →

Your Natural State

POD #23:  Your natural state Immediately as I ready the title of today's prompt I thought I live in the natural state!  Arkansas used to be the "Land of Opportunity" when I was born, now it is the "Natural State."  If only it was as easy as changing a slogan or crossing a state line... Continue Reading →

 Your guidance system

POD #22: Your guidance system I have never really thought about my internal guidance system,  but I do not generally trust it. I do trust myself to make sound decisions and to not intentionally place myself in danger.  I trust that I will not do anything outside my character.  I trust myself to do things... Continue Reading →

His Time

This morning during my reading plan the phrase "His time had not yet come." stuck out at me.  I can be impatient at times.  I like to think I have gotten better, but I was reminded of my short-comings in the area as I drove to brunch with my daughter and got behind a car... Continue Reading →

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