The Same Sacrafice

Numbers 7:12-88 As I read from Numbers this morning, I admit (It could have been that it was three a.m.) to being a little critical of what I read.   I thought "Why am I reading these same words twelve times in ONE chapter, and then it is finished off with a sum of all those... Continue Reading →

God’s Perspective

I often pray "God, help me to see that person as you see them so I can love them with your love." I think that God gives me glimpses of others, but this week He gave me a true view from His Word. I have been reading in Exodus during my morning devotion and got a view of God's perspective.

Awaken Us

Today I had the opportunity to sit in a local church that was distributing assistance to those in need. When I drove up the place was packed with cars.  People were coming in and out, talking among themselves and eating and drinking refreshments that were provided.  Honestly,  it looked like most churches, most Sundays. I... Continue Reading →

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