The process

My husband loves watching Gold Rush. The miners start with a small pan to test the ground. Eventually they end up moving a lot of dirt through these machines that shake the dirt to separate it from the gold. A lot of water rushes through the machines and in the end the stuff that comes... Continue Reading →


I missed it completely.  It had been there over twenty-four  hours and yet I had walked past it twice, at least, and completely missed it. This morning as I walked out the door a smile greeted me as my eyes scanned the driveway.  My husband had kept our grandchildren a couple night before and the... Continue Reading →


There is a scene in Breaking Dawn Part 2 at the very end that caught my attention. I love when God takes something controversial and worldly and uses it to speak boldly something He is trying to get through to me. He often shows up where I least expect Him. Given the opportunity He will... Continue Reading →

He will Answer

Ever since I allowed my children to have cell phones, I have had an expectation that they will answer when I call.  This has allowed me to feel more secure when they were out with friends.  It allowed me to give them more freedom while still giving me peace of mind. If they missed my... Continue Reading →

One to Another

I look to the left, and begin to say "why don't you....?" as I try to solve my neighbors issues; even though I know nothing about her personal struggle.  God quickens my heart.  "You were there once too. Remember your own struggle. She is in that process."   I can't compare what I have came... Continue Reading →

He is Listening

Our office has eight women, and depending on the day can be quiet or noisy depending on what each of us is doing when we are in the office.    When the coworker behind me said something to me I immediately responded.  She laughed. I pulled my ear buds out to see what was so funny.... Continue Reading →

He will answer

This is one of the first scriptures that I taught my children when I first started seeking God for myself.  I wasn't in church; instead, I was reading and studying the word for myself.  I was learning to talk to God and He met me where I was.  In all my brokenness and hurt, God... Continue Reading →

The Household

In exasperation I place my hand on my hip, ready to allow the venom of my words to flow as my eyes meet the countertop of dirty dishes that were not there when I went to sleep just five hours before.  I take a deep breath in and slowly exhale releasing my frustration. The night before... Continue Reading →

Idle Words

  My heart started to race.  It felt as if it would leap from my chest.  Heat flooded my body.  My breath came quicker and was more shallow.  Maybe i needed to hear it again, I heard it wrong.  I went back to my phone and played it again.  "you will give an account on... Continue Reading →

Do We See?

I think we see what we have and what others don’t, but do we really stop and think about it?  Do we really see the difference?  Do we see that our community is weighted with suffering and burdened with injustice? Do we see that while we recklessly spend money on material goods for the sake... Continue Reading →

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