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In Spite of Me

I have been doing a little review the past few weeks (okay months, it just sounds like a long time), as I try to figure out this thing called life. You know – where have I been, where am I … Continue reading

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Okay, so I just love it when God laughs at me – just had to say that because I am laughing at myself right now. I knew what I wanted to to say but used the word CONFORMATION instead of … Continue reading

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God-Sized Dreams

So I have always been a dreamer. As a kid, I remember the church I attended doing the drama of Joseph’s life called “Dreamer”. To this day I still know many of the songs, even though I hardly remember anything … Continue reading

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Job Lessons

I have to say I never thought of this before, until last night as I prepared for children’s church. I have read Job’s story before, heard it many a times, but never really thought about it other than in the … Continue reading

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It’s NOT worth comparing

Last night I was reading a book “I’m the Christian the Devil Warned You about” by Mario Murillo. It just seems to really speak to me about things that I am trying to figure out right now. And while the … Continue reading

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