Beauty in the imperfections

I recently heard Lysa TerKeurst say "Not everyone can relate to victory and success.  But people connect with hardship and struggle.  They can relate to vulnerability. " I think we want to connect with people in success, as that is where we want to go. We are disillusioned that those we admire found success without any struggle.  They share the... Continue Reading →

Go Deeper

I stood at the shoreline letting the waves splash against my bare ankles.  I was surprised when my calves were immersed in the salty water and the thick jean material clung to my skin. I hate very few things, but I truly hate the feeling of wet pants on my skin.  But I couldn't turn and... Continue Reading →

Sitting at the airport, taking it all in.  I have only flown a handful of times, so I am definitely not an experienced flyer.  Waiting a  the gate, I see the sign that says "Sky Priority" and "General Boarding."  The gate agent announcing the flight calls different groups of people.  The first I got -... Continue Reading →


Sunday, standing in praise and worship I heard God whisper "You are whole."  It wasn't audible, but it was clear. I admit with all that I have been going through, that was the last thing I expected to hear this week.  Although I have felt at peace, in the back of my mind, my worry... Continue Reading →

Going through or Growing through {#Compel}

I've been married for seventeen years.  This is our second marriage to each other so we have been through a few things.    Nicki Koziarz said about acceptance “we can either go through it or grow through it.”  I believe that when we go through things, we tend to repeat them until we grow through them. I... Continue Reading →

Past memories {#Tuesday@Ten}

Last Friday my mother passed away. When we placed her on hospice, I wrote her a note saying things I knew my voice could not relay through cracks and tears.  I let her know how much I loved her, the things I admired and respected about her, and promised that I would be okay.  I asked... Continue Reading →

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