Scriptures that speak to my heart

I have no idea why I chose to write these scriptures out  in my journal this day back in 2011.  I did not typically write out scriptures.  There is nothing else.  Looking back these are life verses I have stood on for many years.  Standing for my household's salvation.  A reminder for my own life, and... Continue Reading →


I was pausing my exercise program (EA Active Sports 2) today, sitting there trying to catch my breath, asking "When is this going to get easier?" I have been doing it eleven weeks, at least 4 days a week, sometimes more. I have burned over 14,502.5 calories, exercised 27 hours and 40 minutes, completed 73... Continue Reading →

This Place

I realize I have so much still to learn I am faced with this, everywhere I turn. Looking through a mirror not even big enough to see my face How long will I be stuck in this place? I can't see more than a small piece at a time I just don't want Your presence... Continue Reading →

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