Quiet #FMF

I remember the first time I felt that still small voice say “Be still.” Standing still was hard enough, it takes intention on my part to not move. I know it wasn’t my body that needed to be be still, but instead God needed me to quiet my soul so I could hear from Him.... Continue Reading →

The Empty chair

When death comes, it is hard to know when and where the grieving process will begin or end. For some it can start before death happens, for others it comes in waves. Grief is healthy and a necessary thing, but often hard to sit with at times. My nephew Shane died June 1st. I shed... Continue Reading →

Roadkill Revelation

Sunday my pastor half jokingly, still serious, finished the service out saying that revelation comes from the Word of God, through prayer, through fellowship with the Holy Spirt, through others, and through circumstances around us. He said he had even had revelation for roadkill. He prayed that we would all have revelation from roadkill. Not... Continue Reading →

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