POD: The Spirit of 2017

First, write a summary of your 2017 so far in 100 words. Not 2017 politics or what you read on Facebook, but your personal and professional life in 2017. High level. Short. And, this time, factual. Now: circle or bold one word that feels like something you would be delighted to bring into or increase... Continue Reading →

POD: Whose “stuff” are you allowing to inhabit you?

Here’s your prompt. This Challenge will hold space for you to shed and prep and prime for a miraculous, expansive 2018. But here’s something to sit with (and write about), as we get started: What things that (a) belong to someone else and (b) no longer serve you are you allowing to inhabit: Your physical... Continue Reading →

POD: Conversations with Yoursel(ves)

As we reflect on our lives, it’s common to question what advice you might give your younger self.  Today, I’d like us to take a different angle on this conversation. First, sit still for 3 or 4 minutes—5 if you can. Just let your mind go quiet. Then, write about this—without any editing or censorship... Continue Reading →

POD: Lessons from a can’t-get-it-wrong life

What single person or being has been the greatest teacher of your entire life? Describe the lesson. What single experience has been the most impactful learning experience of your entire life? Describe the lesson. What was the most powerful lesson you learned this year? Write about why you so value it and how it has... Continue Reading →

POD: Yes Day For You

Here’s your prompt: Think about the last time you got a bolt of inspiration, an idea so delightful it felt good, in the center of your body. What was that? When was that? What were you doing when it hit you? What would a Yes Day for You look like, in your ideal world? What... Continue Reading →

United We Thrive, Divided We Fail

Tonight my pastor decided to do something different.  Wednesday nights we have corporate prayer and usually anyone who feels lead to pray can get up and well, pray.  Tonight he laid out some scriptures, on three pieces of paper at the pulpit.  He wanted to help focus the prayer and give us some  direction from... Continue Reading →

POD: Your 2017 Headlines That Aren’t Fit to Print

We must keep in mind that our brains alert to bad news 5 or 6 times as much as good. So the media outlets that want our attention often take the tactic of printing the bad to get as much mindshare as they can. That doesn’t mean that the bad news you see is the... Continue Reading →

POD: Paradoxes—Hiding and Holding On

Years ago, I read a book called Hiding from Love. I honestly don’t remember a ton about the book itself. But I do recall being fascinated by the paradox that we frequently, through our patterns and behaviors, hide from the very thing that we most want and most universally long for: love. For today’s prompt,... Continue Reading →


I woke up this morning to a whole new world, literally and metaphorically.  We spent the night in New Orleans, a place that has held my heart captive since I was a teenager and introduced to the writings of V.C. Andrews.  I have always wanted to visit Louisiana and see those story book places come... Continue Reading →

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