Joy in our Witness #Write31Days

We must stay disciplined in our witness.  The world is seeking happiness.  The Lord gives us joy.  They see our rejoicing and are attracted to the Spirit of the Lord within us.  We have to consider this in our actions because the Lord is coming soon.  We need to let everyone see joy within our... Continue Reading →

Running it out #Write31Days

My 10-year-old niece is training to do a 5K.  Her running schedule is dependent upon the adults in her life.  She took a four-day break this past weekend where she just "ran around" with her friend throughout the day.  Her race is Halloween, so it was really important that she stay on the schedule that had been set... Continue Reading →

Imitation Christianity #Write31Days

Lately I seem to hear a lot more of "So and so said" or talk about a specific preacher, author, or person and the insight that they share.  The statements are made all the time, and I know that I have done the same.  Sharing something that we have heard or read recently, a fresh... Continue Reading →

More than Just Words #Write31Days

It is easy to say "I love God".  However, God requires more than just words.  It takes discipline to live out that love to the level that His Word instructs. We must love Him with our whole heart.  The heart is a life source to our body.  We are called to glorify Him with our body, as... Continue Reading →

Taming the Tongue #Write31Days

The words we speak have the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21) in them.  Yet without discipline, our mouth is restless and evil, full of deadly poison.  The Word says that no one can tame the tongue and that it has the power to direct our lives. If we can not tame the tongue,... Continue Reading →

Clearheaded for Christ #Write31Days

God calls His children to live in the light and be clearheaded.  It's easy to want, but walking it out can be a challenge.  With so many things competing for a place in our mind, we must be to keep our mind focused on the plans and purpose He has for us. The scriptures say... Continue Reading →

Sacrifice of Praise #Write31Days

Just as we are called to pray continually, we are called to praise continually. Sometimes this is done easily.  I love days when I can walk around with a praise song stuck in my head as I go throughout the day.  Or when I wake up with a song in my heart that comes and... Continue Reading →

Continuous #Write31Days

This is one of those scriptures that contains few words with a tall order.  It seems straight-forward, yet impossible.  Yet, I know with Christ, nothing is impossible. As I began meditating on this scripture, I wanted a picture to see how this impossible task is possible.  When I first think of prayer, I think of... Continue Reading →

Breaking Out of Circumstances #Write31Days

One of my pastors recently spoke on the topic of praise and breaking limitations.  One comment jumped out of the message.  "Your circumstances will either break you, or praise will break you out of your circumstances."  Praise can not be something that we run to only in times of trouble.  It is hard to praise... Continue Reading →

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