More than Just Words #Write31Days


It is easy to say “I love God”.  However, God requires more than just words.  It takes discipline to live out that love to the level that His Word instructs.

We must love Him with our whole heart.  The heart is a life source to our body.  We are called to glorify Him with our body, as the temple of the Holy Spirit.  I will just say now, I fail.  The Temple in the old testament only the most purest of things could enter in.  It was so sacred, that in the Holy of Holies where His Spirit rested, the priest had bells on His garment in case He was not pure and was killed.  The high priest was the only one allowed passed the veil.  The veil, the barrier that separated all from God was torn at the death of Christ.  However, the reverence and awe we should have did not.  Loving Him with my whole heart takes active participation on my part.

We must love Him with all our soul.  Our soul is the part of us that thirsts after God.  Loving God with our whole soul means making Him Lord of our life.  This means we give up authority, power and control to Him, not just in the religious aspects of life, but in every area.  It means allowing Him to consume everything in us that is not of Him.   Loving Him with all my soul takes total surrender of my will to Him.

We must love God with all our strength.  Throughout scriptures, there are references that God is our strength. This means that we have to not only surrender, but be obedient so that His strength can work through us.  It means allowing His strength to work in us to do things that we can not or will not do in and of our self.  Loving Him with all our strength means walking out His will in my life through every step and action that I take.

I am not disciplined in this area.  If I loved Him with my whole body, junk food would not be a go to for me, and exercise would be near the top of my to-do list.  I would rest more, eat healthier, and be more active.  If I loved Him with all my soul, I 2015Write31Dayswouldn’t try so hard to hold on to control and fight so hard to try things my way first.  If I loved Him with all my strength, I would immediately obey what he tells me to do, instead of reasoning and flat refusing if I don’t feel comfortable in it.  I know that I am not where I need to be in this area.  I know that I am much better than I used to be.  I praise God that He is still working on me, even as He works in and through me.

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