Dear Things

What personal belongings do you hold most dear? I am not really a thing person, it is the person behind the things or the memories that make them dear to me. I think the personal belonging that means the most to me is the grandfather clock that is at our home in Arkansas. The clock... Continue Reading →

Short term position

What's a job you would like to do for just one day? In a quick answer, I would say the President of the United States or governor of my state, during emergency declaration so that I could pass desired laws under executive order without all the red tape. I wouldn’t have to deal with the... Continue Reading →


List the people you admire and look to for advice... “Sensible people accept good advice. People who talk foolishly will come to ruin.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭10‬:‭8‬ ‭ One of the benefits of social media is that there is an abundance of wise advice. Where before you either needed to know the wise or read their books,... Continue Reading →


Do you vote in political elections? There is a saying that we shouldn’t talk politics or religion. I talk about my faith without apology. I am quieter about politics. My views often differ from those around me, and I have learned to pick my battles. Those with the loudest voices are not always the majority,... Continue Reading →

The Illusion of Productivity

When do you feel most productive? I feel most productive when I am helping someone. However, at times Incan busy myself so much with helping that I neglect the things I am tasked with, so it can at times just be an illusion that I am productive. I try to start each day asking myself... Continue Reading →

No regrets

Describe a risk you took that you do not regret. I loved the majority of my life in Northwest Arkansas. I was born there and it has always been home. In college, I moved north to Missouri, but always desires to move back “home” from 1999 - 2011 when I finally was able to move... Continue Reading →

First things

Daily writing promptJot down the first thing that comes to your mind.View all responses That is a dangerous prompt. Why do people troll social media? If they don't like it just keep scrolling. Why is an online government site not available on the weekend? Black and white, or color? Should I take a nap since... Continue Reading →

Random Encounters

Describe a random encounter with a stranger that stuck out positively to you. Shortly after my mother died, I had an encounter with a patient’s family. The man could not have known the words he spoke would carry so much weight, I didn’t share my journey with him. He was there for his family. It... Continue Reading →

Simple Happiness

What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness? The things that bring me most happiness are: 1) Being in the tangible presence of God 2) My grandchildren, children, husband and the rest of my family 3) Sunrise 4) Sunset 5) Comfort foods (always subject to change but currently that meal because I can’t have... Continue Reading →

A different perspective

Describe something you learned in high school. One of the things I learned inhigh school was that people often underestimate at risk kids and instead of putting on a fixed label I need to play into their growth. I became a teen parent at sixteen. A few days after I started my junior year I... Continue Reading →

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