Comfort {#Tuesday@Ten}

Driving home for work today, I was struggling with some words that were spoken about me.  Words that cut me, that take me to another place, another time, the hurt. I was asking God if there was truth to these words or if my actions were misunderstood.  Did my words, my tone, my directness lead... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow {#FMFPARTY}

Matthew 6:34 So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. None of us are promised tomorrow, and yet many times we spend today looking back at yesterday or worrying about tomorrow.  In doing so we miss out on today. Recently my youngest daughter turned eighteen.  I... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

As I read the scriptures though, there is a consistent theme of God wanting to be in the small details. I think about how He wanted the ark made, or the temple, or the tabernacle. He cared about the very intricate details. He cared so much, that he took the time to spell out every... Continue Reading →

Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness

Realizing the difference between Mercy, Grace and Forgiveness is important.  There are times where we look at forgiveness and think that because we act differently that we have forgiven.  However, sometimes that is just a lie that we tell ourselves  that opens us up to a stronghold in our life. There are times that we... Continue Reading →

Dementia Sucks

Today I decided that dementia SUCKS.  I'm a social worker, I don't do social work (well, technically I do) but every part of my being believes in the social work values.  That's why I became one.  Today one of those core fundamental values was put to the test.  It was not something I could separate... Continue Reading →

Dark and Empty Places

There is a place in the corner where the light fades and a shadow falls.  There is nothing else there, just empty space.  That is where God took me tonight.  I thought it was odd.  That small step, of what seemed like insignificant obedience, revealed to me how much God wants me in His presence. ... Continue Reading →

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