Dark and Empty Places

There is a place in the corner where the light fades and a shadow falls.  There is nothing else there, just empty space.  That is where God took me tonight.  I thought it was odd.  That small step, of what seemed like insignificant obedience, revealed to me how much God wants me in His presence.  He wants His presence to ibasement-20124_1280lluminate the dark places and to fill the empty places that I have allowed barrenness.

He wants to get in those places where I have sealed myself off from others.  Those empty places where I have allowed no one and nothing in.  I have many of those corners in my life.  Where people have left and I have felt that nothing else could go there.  The thoughts that it is easier to leave empty than to be open to the hurt of loss again.

He also showed me that He wants me to allow Him in the dark places in my life.  This week a previous coworker committed suicide.  It took me, and others who knew her by surprise.  However, it reminded me that all of us have areas in our life that we seal off from others.  Places where we have believed that lie that no one could possibly understand what we are going through.

God was showing me that there is no place that He can’t go if we allow Him. He desires to fill those empty areas and illuminate the darkness.  There is nothing to dark for His love to penetrate.  When we allow His presence to fill those areas, the darkness will dissipate and the emptiness will be filled.

2 thoughts on “Dark and Empty Places

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  1. Oh wow!! This is what God has been asking of me over the past months….to let Him in those deep, dark places in my heart. It’s taken many years to let Him have these places, but for the first time, my heart and mind are settled because I know I am loved and God desires wholeness and healing. After sampling some of what He has to offer and knowing the frustration of always getting stuck in the same spots in life bcs I wouldn’t go there with God, I’m ready to let Him have it all. Definitely a work in progress. Glad to have found your blog via #fmf!


    1. So glad you enjoyed. I think that God is really doing a work in the churches to bring change to His Church because he wants us to be His completely surrendered. We are all a work in progress.


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