Taking Notice

The other day I met an interesting young woman who was good at taking notice. Our conversation was interesting as she attempted to analyze my handwriting, then attempted to analyze me. Many things she said were quite accurate, and not easily known. Other things were way off.

What stuck me about our conversation is that she said she knew she always had the gift, and thinks that most people do, but that she second guessed herself until she really took time to develop it. As we talked, how she described this gift was much like Patrick Jane in the Mentalist television show. She watches people, she reads the body language and subtle ques. I made that comment that most people could do this, but we are too busy to take the time. She agreed and attempted to encourage me where I was.

I was sharing this interaction with some friends, they asked if it made me feel creepy or ill at ease as she shared these things. It didn’t, because I know that most people who take time can read the things that she was able to see. I was able to share with her my Christian viewpoint, and I believe that is why the door was really opened.

Later I was having another conversation witTaking Noticeh another group of people about how we have to minister to the people in front of us. Discussing the importance of doing the small things with excellence. I wasn’t talking about outreach, like going out in to the streets to set up a give away or something, but really taking notice of the people that God places right in front of us. Seeing the need and meeting it, or attempting to meet it in the best way we can.

Luke 9:48 (TLB) and said to them, “Anyone who takes care of a little child like this is caring for me! And whoever cares for me is caring for God who sent me. Your care for others is the measure of your greatness.”

As I look at Christ’s ministry all through the Gospels, He never purposely set up a fish giveaway booth to feed the people. He didn’t feed the people at His convenience, He was however moved with compassion as He went about His daily activities and meet the need, even when inconveneicned. There are many organizations that are set up to meet the need at their convenience. There is a place for nonprofits and governmental agencies, but Christ called the Church to stand up and take notice of the lost and dying world around us. Instead most of us live oblivious to the real needs that surround us.

God didn’t ask us to set up a feeding ministry, He called us to be the Light. We have to go out and take notice of the people around us, to illuminate the darkness. The young parent that feels overwhelmed, the single adult that lonely, the working executive that is depressed. These people are in our path daily, but most of us don’t take time to notice. we are too busy to be inconvenienced, even though it is our cross to bear. Christ is the answer to all problems. We want people to read “Our Book”, but we are not willing to stop and read them. We are not willing to stop and hear where they are at. To look beyond the “OK” response to how they are doing and develop a relationship and take notice of the need.

Maybe we can’t solve world hunger. But we can feed the one. Maybe we can’t stop homelessness, but we can help the one. Maybe we can’t prevent all suicide, but we can reach the one. Maybe we can prevent child abuse, but we can be the loving arms that helps bring healing. We may not have the physical resources to meet every need, but we can be the one taking notice. We can be knowledgeable of the resources in our community. We can be the hands and feet volunteering in those places to meet the needs.

It is time that the Church stands up and starts taking notice.

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