Winning together

Yesterday my son-in-law made a comment that was so profound and simple.  My two daughters, my son-in-law and I were playing Baggo after family dinner.  The first round he was teamed with my daughter, his wife.  They won.  The second round he was teamed with me.  He won.  His wife lost. The third round He was teamed with... Continue Reading →


I am not  a single lady So choosing to be with you, means not being with him. While I love your company, I can't reach him, placing others before him. I am not a divorced lady While if I looked I could find fault, I chose instead to see the good My house may be... Continue Reading →

Destruction to Promise

As a child, the stories from the Old Testament certainly helped shape my view of God.  Although God is loving and kind, I couldn't help but recall the times where people were punished for their disbelief and because they were not the Israelites.  Reading through Joshua, I had a different thought as I heard about... Continue Reading →


There is a song that we used to sing as children about obedience: Obedience is the very best way to show that you believe, doing exactly what the lord commands And doing it faithfully action is the key, do it immediately and joy you will receive obedience is the very best way to show that... Continue Reading →


For the past sixteen years I have lived unequally yoked.  I see God working, but that total surrender has just not happened.   I became a Christian when I was eight years old.  I didn't start walking in relationship until much later.  In the mean time, I was lukewarm at my worst and a poor... Continue Reading →

You Are Here {#fmfparty}

At times I seem to forget, that the Lord is with me here I see Him when I need Him And thank Him for the good But as long as I live He is here And I can choose to walk in His presence. So in the here I must learn To really be content... Continue Reading →

If I could write a letter to the past me {#Tuesday@Ten}

I have written letters to the future me, but never to the past me. Dear J.J. First I will just let you know you will outgrow that nickname when your about sixteen. It will take a couple more decades for your family to catch on that you are serious about it.  With that name change... Continue Reading →

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