I love the navigation app that I have on my phone. It has become a regular voice for me as I drive, especially if it is my first time driving there. Even if I know where I'm going I still use it to see if there might be a faster route to my destination. Saturday... Continue Reading →

If I could change anything {#Tuesday@Ten}

If I could change anything, right now it would have to be a selfish thing and I would say my level of self-control and discipline. Yes, I realize the self-control is a fruit of the Spirit and that I just need to allow it to develop in my life. I also realize that the discipline... Continue Reading →

Stained glass

Transparent beauty fragmented pieces pieced together forming a beautiful picture To draw attention, for enjoyment and inspiration. Broken Life Transparent hurt Glued back together By the blood of the cross Beautiful picture that draws attention to God's trans-formative power Mercy and grace inspiring others and providing hope Broken lives brought together Transparent to each other... Continue Reading →

I Truly Believe…{Tuesday@Ten}

I truly believe that in every person there is a desire to be inherently good. After 15 years of working with people in the most desperate, desolate, and harsh times of their life, I realize that most people want to be good. People may find this hard to believe but even those who find themselves... Continue Reading →

I Find Joy in…

the Lord.  I realize that is a religious cliché and that its easy to say.  I don't mean it as one.  There is something precious to me about being in the presence of the Lord. Everything that I have been dealing with fades away and joy comes rushing in. When I am feeling overwhelmed emotionally... Continue Reading →

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