As a child

POD #13: As a child. . . It’s your turn to do the exercise. List 10 things you loved as a child. List 10 things you loved doing as a child.Do you see your creative calling in there?Do you regularly engage in your creative calling right now? Either in your work or in some other part... Continue Reading →

Conditions for happiness

POD #12: Conditions for happinessScan your world. Is there any relationship or project or area of your life in which you have been imposing impossible conditions on your happiness?Is there any place in your life where you are telling yourself the story that you would be totally happy if only everyone else did exactly what you wanted... Continue Reading →

Alone in the wild (i.e., things you are not)

POD #11: Alone in the wild (i.e., things you are not) All creation is co-creation. We exist in relationship to each other, and we grow in relationship to each other, too. Who or what are you co-evolving with? A friend, a teacher, a community, an institution? God? Your mate? Your family? Your world? How is... Continue Reading →

Use Your Words

POD #10: Use Your WordsHere’s the actual prompt. Use your ever-powerful words to speak, weave and write TWO blessings. The first one is a blessing I want you to write and speak over yourself, your life and/or your future. The second is a blessing you’ll write over/about someone else. The someone else might be your... Continue Reading →

Much appreciated

[POD] #9: Much appreciated Write about this: Who or what do you appreciate? And this: How fun is that, the revelry of appreciation? And this: What new can you find to appreciate, using both meanings? When I think about appreciation, I immediately think about a time that I did not appreciate someone.  It has been... Continue Reading →

What grounded feels like

POD #8: What grounded feels like What does grounded mean to you? What does it feel like? What can you do when you’re in that space? How does the world feel different or seem different from groundedness than from ungrounded? How do the people and tasks in your life feel different? When was the last... Continue Reading →

A bias toward pronoia

POD #7: A bias toward pronoia Write about this: Can you marshal evidence of pronoia at work in your own life? Now or ever? What has that looked like in the past? What does it look like now? What are the things, people or experiences in your life right now that you know are collaborative... Continue Reading →

Your bucket list or your life

POD #6: Your bucket list or your life Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it? Is there really, truly any reason you cannot do the items on that list soon? Really? Will it really take as much money as you think? Or as much time? Don’t you know people who are broke but... Continue Reading →

Sin, I pick, My Strong

I always find it interesting what He speaks to me through.  I suppose He uses whatever we allow in front of us to try to get our attention.  Friday, I was watching a Canadian film the other night called ROOM.  I admit it was an odd movie, that I was not sure that I would... Continue Reading →

Horse in blinders

POD #5: Horse in blinders  How does it feel, the idea that you get to be the boss of what you focus on? Do you give yourself permission to ignore what doesn’t serve you? Do you give yourself permission to focus on what does? What comes up for you when you think of blinders as... Continue Reading →

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