A bias toward pronoia

POD #7: A bias toward pronoia

Write about this: Can you marshal evidence of pronoia at work in your own life? Now or ever?
What has that looked like in the past?
What does it look like now?
What are the things, people or experiences in your life right now that you know are collaborative components in your ultimate highest good, well-being or joy?
What would it look like to practice a bias toward pronoia?
Pro[noia] Tip: Today, can you just notice when something goes really, really right for you, and savor that in silence, even for 20 or 30 seconds?

I live a blessed life.  Not a perfect life, not a life where my every desire is met, but I am blessed.  I have always been blessed.  There is nothing that anyone can do to convince me otherwise.  I was blessed with a family, that although definitely not perfect, loved me and was supportive.   I was blessed growing up with a close relationship with my extended family.   I am blessed to have had all of my needs met throughout my life. 

From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after anotherI am blessed with a man who has stayed by my side for over twenty-six years of ups and downs.  I am blessed with three children, who have successfully launched into adulthood.  I am blessed with four grandchildren. 

I was blessed to learn about God and His love for me at a very young age.  I was raised in church and given a solid foundation in the Scriptures.  I was also blessed to be able to explore religions and journey my way back to God after I walked away.  

I was blessed to be born in a country where I am free.  Blessed to be born during a time where basic amenities are the norm.  I am blessed to be able to come and go without concern for my safety or well-being.   I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel some. 

I was blessed to grow up in a family where education was important and in a community were education was available.  I am blessed with intelligence and the ability to learn. I was blessed to be able to graduate high school.   I was blessed with the opportunity to go to college and graduate school. 

I am blessed to live in a community with ample resources.  I am blessed that even when I was in difficult circumstances, that God placed people in my path that could direct me to those resources.  I am blessed that even when I was a homeless, single mother, my children always had a roof over their head.  I am blessed that even when I wasn’t working, God provided for all my needs.  I am blessed that I have been able to help others get connected to those resources.  I am blessed that I was able to give back to resources that helped me.

I am blessed by the people connected to my life.  I have been blessed with great friends throughout my life.   I have been blessed to have connections with people who are also well-connected.  Some connections have been for a season and other connections have lasted, but I am blessed to have known them all.

I admit there are times that I take all these blessings for granted.  However, for the most part I do live a life practicing a bias towards pronoia.  I know that there are forces in my life, and a God up above that are working to bless me abundantly.  My life has been one blessing after another, even if it took time for me to see that blessing.  I know, I am blessed.

This post is prompted by Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders.


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