Focus Close {#Write31Days}

When all else fails, or even better before you start your journey, realize that if you seek God first, He will guide your path right where He wants you to focus. If you are feeling discontent, look at how close you are drawing to Him. If you are feeling lost, look at how close you... Continue Reading →

Focus your Voice {#Write31Days}

What you say about your dreams, visions, and goals is more important than what anyone other than God says  about them.  Because of this, it is important that you focus your voice to speak life into your purpose.  None of us can stop the thoughts from coming into our mind, but you don't need to... Continue Reading →

Focus Together {#Write31Days}

Much of my married life was spent chasing my own dreams and goals and my husband chasing his.  To say that we are completely different in our thinking is an understatement.  The things we like to do are different, as our are taste in music, movies, activities.  Our interests are on opposite ends of the... Continue Reading →

Focus Song {#Write31Days}

When I have a hard time focusing and nothing else works, I turn to the power of music.  Songs have always played a powerful role in my life.  When I find things to be more difficult than I can handle, music tends to be an outlet for that pain.  I can connect with the words... Continue Reading →

Whole Focus {#Write31Days}

I probably feel least qualified to write about being wholly focused. I have attention deficit disorder. Only recently have I allowed the doctor to put me on medication to treat it, in part because I hate taking medications of any kind. In other part because I was concerned it would change the essence of me.... Continue Reading →

Moments of Focus {#Write31Days}

If you capture your focus and it is just for a moment, is it worth it? Yes! Moments add up, they build, they expand. Those moments will get you to your goal eventually if your consistent. In June, I joined several people in a Run For God program at our church, similar to a couch... Continue Reading →

Captured Focus {#Write31Days}

One of my favorite moments in the day is when I am able to be completely captured in focus of my purpose.  Sometimes, I can flow in that captured state for hours.  Other days it is just a passing moment that I have to fight for to have.  Regardless I try to focus daily on... Continue Reading →

Brief break of focus {#Write31Days}

There are times in life when you think that everything is going great, and then it all gets pulled out from underneath you.  I had that happen about four and a half years ago.  I was walking along, pursuing a career that I enjoyed and felt like I was focusing on the things that I... Continue Reading →

Common Focus {#Write31Days}

I love to be around people who have a common focus as myself. It stirs a passion that can not ascertained any other way. The flow of ideas that feed off each other and grow the vision. The exploration of possibilities, barriers, and potential solutions all flows freely when others have a common focus. It... Continue Reading →

Focus on Help {#Write31Days}

There are two things in life that I admittedly really struggle with: 1) My weight and 2) Asking for help.  When it comes to needing help with my purpose or where I am needing to focus, I am not good at asking others for help.  I know that at times I need someone else; I... Continue Reading →

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