Love without compromise

As an impressionable young teenager, I remember filling notebooks with I ❤ and some random boy's name. I remember one sheet that is still probably somewhere in my memoriabilia that was filled with different boys names all the way across and down. There was at least fifteen names on the paper, and that might be... Continue Reading →

Led or Dragged

My grandchildren are one, four, six and twelve.  They are little sponges, soaking in everything from the world around them.  I learn so much about the world and often my own self, when I see things through their eyes.  My favorite thing though, is when God speaks to me through them.  Sunday, He definitely caught... Continue Reading →

Donor’s gift

April was organ donation awareness month. There were education flyers around my workplace to build awareness and to dispel myths. Flyers encouraging people to give the gift of life. There were a lot of misconceptions that I had about organ donation, I did not realize that I had. As I journaled this past week about... Continue Reading →

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