Led or Dragged

My grandchildren are one, four, six and twelve.  They are little sponges, soaking in everything from the world around them.  I learn so much about the world and often my own self, when I see things through their eyes.  My favorite thing though, is when God speaks to me through them.  Sunday, He definitely caught my attention through them.

My two middle grandchildren attend church with me when they are in town.  This is something they have done since the older of the two was about a month old, and so it is just part of our time together.  On Sunday mornings we go in early to pray before the praise and worship team practice and before people really start arriving.  Usually we walk around the chairs and pray over those who will soon fill them, in addition to the service in general.  Then the children will typically sit on either side of me until those people there early come together for a corporate prayer.  It might be about 30 to 40 minutes, and generally they do pretty good.

Sunday they were a little wired, because it had been cold and they had been inside most of the weekend.  Mimi was a little tired from staying up late, so it was not a good combination.  Little things they were doing which typically I would not have taken notice of were getting on my nerves, which was distracting me from what I was there to do – pray.  Yet even in the midst, God was speaking to my heart.

My grandson gently took my hand, wanting me to walk with him.  I took his hand, initially not knowing where we were going, and willingly followed.  He led me to the chairs, he wanted to walk through them again.  While I know they do not fully comprehend why I walk around and touch every chair while I pray, he wanted to do it a second time.    I heard that still, small voice, whisper, “You can follow me the same way.  Take my hand and trust I will not lead you anywhere that is not good for you.”

childledOn the surface, I know God won’t take me anywhere I shouldn’t be.  Yet so often I resist.  I want to be in control.  I want to know the plan; preferably the whole plan, not just one step ahead of me planning.  God is looking for someone who will obediently follow.  He is looking for that child-like faith that just says “okay.”  He is looking for a trust that will go even when it doesn’t understand.  He is looking for that from me.

As corporate prayer ended, my granddaughter took my hands and started pulling me out of the sanctuary.  Following prayer, they go have a donut.  She wants the one with the sprinkles and most of the donuts are just the glazed yeast donuts, so she was a girl on a mission.  I was not in any hurry.  She was literally dragging me out.

That is unfortunately how God often has to lead me, I felt that  thought quicken in my spirit.  I am not resisting completely, but I am not cooperating.  I am not throwing a tantrum, but He has to drag me around to where He wants me to be willing to go.  He is a God on a mission, and I am hem-hawing around taking my sweet time.   I don’t often think about the fact that time is short, and people are perishing.  I fail to consider how my delay can impact someone else’s journey.

At the end of the day, we all have a piece to play in God’s Kingdom.  A role that was designed for us to carry out.  The question is, will we all God to lead us?  Or will He have to drag us?

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