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Prepared for Presence

“Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish. Those who were foolish took their lamps and … Continue reading

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I am

I am a native of my community. I was born and raised in the same local place. Then so moved away and spent a little more than a decade out of state before finding my way back home. That also … Continue reading

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The word leaped from the reading that I was listening to this morning, Christine Caine’s new book Unexpected   “Stalled.”  I don’t remember if the word following was faith or hope, listening while I get ready for work often means … Continue reading

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Doing Culture

I hear a lot about culture in my life. I live in what is called a melting pot area as we have people from all different nationalities pour into our community on a regular basis. Many people want those moving … Continue reading

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POD #11: The breakthrough story

Tell the story of any breakthrough, comeback or turnaround you’ve ever had, witnessed or dreamed of. Keep in mind that every story has these things: a beginning, middle and an end a setup, a struggle and a wrap-up a hero, … Continue reading

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POD #1: Altitude training

BEFORE you took this Challenge, when was the last time you trained at altitude—diving into something that stretched you beyond what you’d ever done or felt before, or stepping out toward a dream without the perfect resources or plan in … Continue reading

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Stirring up wells

There are deep wells that are being stirred within me.  Wells that had been filled, some that I didn’t even know existed, some wells that I didn’t understand the drawing towards.  But they are there, waiting to be re-dug, waiting … Continue reading

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POD: You, seriously.

POD: You, seriously. Think of someone (whether you know them personally or not) whose art, work or life you respect and admire: someone you take seriously. Sit with the reverence and respect you have for them for just a moment. Now … Continue reading

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POD: Freedom

POD: Freedom What do you have the freedom, the right, to do that you rarely exercise? How do you plan to exercise that freedom or use your rights more boldly, less apologetically, in 2018. I have many freedoms that I … Continue reading

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POD: Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome

POD: Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome Write about this: When in your life have you stretched yourself to the point that you felt like an imposter? When was a time you pushed yourself so far outside your comfort zone that … Continue reading

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