Kairos that was the word that kept running through my mind. Divine, opportune time. That is what I take that word to mean. Versus Chronos which is more of  a linear time. I think about a conversation with a counselor friend of mine. She was frustrated because the population we were working with didn't seem... Continue Reading →

Little Surprises

A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected surprise in the midst of mourning.  I had been at my grandmother's visitation, and while catching up with family is nice, my heart was sad.  It had been a long day as my grandfather had a heart attack that morning so I had spent the day at... Continue Reading →

POD #11: The breakthrough story

Tell the story of any breakthrough, comeback or turnaround you've ever had, witnessed or dreamed of. Keep in mind that every story has these things: a beginning, middle and an end a setup, a struggle and a wrap-up a hero, a villain (which can be abstract, like fear or trauma) and people or things that... Continue Reading →

POD #10: Handling Unfinished Business

Kasl writes: “to become aware of unfinished business in your life, ask yourself the following five questions.” Who comes to mind when I think of unresolved grief, hurt, or pain? To whom do I need to apologize? With whom do I need to talk over conflict and seek some form of resolution? To whom do... Continue Reading →

POD #9: Conditions for happiness

Scan your world. Is there any relationship or project or area of your life in which you have been imposing impossible conditions on your happiness? Is there any place in your life where you are telling yourself the story that you would be totally happy if only everyone else did exactly what you wanted them... Continue Reading →

Come down

A few weeks ago, my grandchildren learned about Zacchaeus in children's class at church. As they told me the story, childhood memories flooded back. I started to sing to them the song about Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a wee little man, And a wee little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree For... Continue Reading →

POD #7: Use Your Words

POD #7: Use Your Words Use your ever-powerful words to speak, weave and write TWO blessings. The first one is a blessing I want you to write and speak over yourself, your life and/or your future. The second is a blessing you’ll write over/about someone else. The someone else might be your dog, your mate,... Continue Reading →

POD #6: Unlearning

What have you successfully, intentionally unlearned? And what, if anything, do you want to unlearn now? I recently unlearned that it is okay to be the first one to reach out in reconciliation. For years, I told myself if someone wants a relationship, they will reach out. I learned this from my mother, who thought... Continue Reading →

POD #8: Untether it!

Are there subjects about which the people who know you would say you are psychologically sensitive? Things people avoid bringing up around you? Are there even smells, words, sounds or objects that bring up very painful memories for you? How intense is the pain? What do you do to avoid triggering it? Sometimes we create... Continue Reading →

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