Kairos that was the word that kept running through my mind. Divine, opportune time. That is what I take that word to mean. Versus Chronos which is more of  a linear time.

I think about a conversation with a counselor friend of mine. She was frustrated because the population we were working with didn’t seem to be taking in the information she was presenting. However, I had some guest speakers come in and share the same information and the epiphany was happening among the population.  I highly doubt that it was the presentation given by the guest, but more of the timing of the material.

Or like children who hear a parent’s words, and they go in one ear and out another.  Then someone else presents the same concept or idea, and the child latches on to it like it is the best advise anyone has ever provided.  The child also generally presents it as a new idea to the same parent who has been offering the exact same advise for years.  It is the timing of the message.

timingI do this to God also.  I started realizing about a decade ago that generally God had to tell me something three times to grab my attention.  I found myself hearing different people speaking the same message.   This often meant I was missing the Kairos of His timing.  As He brought this time my attention, I began seeing the threes come more quickly, instead of hearing the same thing over weeks, I found various speakers speaking a timely word as I flipped through the channels.

Kairos’ moments happen when I release the control I think I have and place my trust in Him.  So often I spend time trying to make things happen that are out of His timing.   Sometimes He allows me to have my way, and I end up resenting the results.  He doesn’t allow me to have His results in my timing.  I can’t have my way and His will at the same time.  I can not have control and think that His hand is guiding me. 

God’s timing is perfect.  When He speaks, each ear listening can have a rhema word in that kairos’ moment. God can do more in one moment than all the most persuasive and motivational speeches from a person can do in a lifetime. He knows the things we don’t.  He can give us the knowledge needed to speak words that cut through all the walls, all the resistance, and go straight to the heart of the issue.  I have to be listening though, in tuned to His voice to hear His promptings, to catch His timing.

I wish I could say that I get it right 100% of the time.  I don’t.  I wish I could say that I don’t miss His kairos’ moments.  I do.  I wish I could say that I always listen when He speaks.  I don’t.  I am a work in progress. I know He will keep working on me in His timing.

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