Trusting His Will {#Write31Days}

Matthew 26:36-46 tells of Jesus praying in Gethsemane.   Although Jesus knew that the journey ahead He would walk alone, Jesus hoped his friends of three years would be with Him to encourage Him and pray for Him.  Jesus being fully God knew what He would suffer in the hours ahead, in His fully man body He experienced... Continue Reading →

Bad News {#Write31Days}

The news is filled with bad news.  For a while I stopped watching the news completely because it was filled with only negative things and is usually biased to the news channel owner or supporters.  However with it being an election year I have tried to follow as much of the races that impact my... Continue Reading →

Trust in the Waiting {#Write31Days}

Imagine waiting.  I don't mean one to two days or even a week or year, but decades.  Imagine having the vision of where your going but not knowing how to get there.  Or worse, seeing  yourself going in the seemingly opposite direction. That is the story of Joseph's life.  At seventeen years old he was... Continue Reading →

Trust in His Name {#Write31Days}

There is power in God's name.  Before I knew what spiritual warfare was, I knew I could trust in Jesus's name when the enemy came against me. I know some people don't believe in the evil presence in this world, but I know that it is real.  As a child, I was raised in a... Continue Reading →

Trust in Insecurity {#Write31Days}

I remember being told that I was insecure.   I was shocked when the words left my pastor's lips.  I was sitting there beside my husband in marriage counseling.  It was a challenge to this confident appearing lion personality.   It took some self-reflection to see it wasn't a judgement on my pastor's part, it was discernment from God... Continue Reading →

Commit to succeed {#Write31Days}

Earlier this year I embarked on a health journey.  It has been long overdue, but I decided that with the help of God I could make changes and live healthier.  I know that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and felt like it was time to start honoring Him with my body.    I... Continue Reading →

Saved {#Write31Days}

God came to save me, even when I didn't trust in Him.  The first was at Calvary where He paid for my sins.  For this one I am most grateful, for all trust in Him was born out of His love for me.  If I hadn't learned of His love, I probably would not have... Continue Reading →

Wounded Heart

I work in a hospital and one of the things I encounter frequently is people with wounds.  We have a special team that does wound care.  They attend to deep wounds and infections that people come in with.  Many times the wounds get infections in them and not only require physical tending to with cleaning,... Continue Reading →

Trust in the Failure {Write31Days}

We often say a lot of words, that carry little value because we do not actually put action behind our Words.  Our actions tell if what we say is true.  When I say "You are my God" to the Lord and then put other things before Him or let other things guide my decisions, that... Continue Reading →

Dangerous Trap {#Write31Days}

There is a safety that comes from trusting in the Lord.  A safety that is not easily shaken.  Knowing that not only can He protect you, but knowing that He will protect you - there is safety there. Despite having been in some dangerous situations, I have never feared for my personal safety when with... Continue Reading →

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