I'm not feeling very Christian today. I want to be crass. I want to shake someone or maybe knock some sense into them. I want to lay hands on someone, and not the holy kind. I want to grumble and complain. I feel it festering up from deep inside. I doubt that I am the only... Continue Reading →


When I was little, we sang a song often that was based on Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always, and again i say rejoice. Rejoice in the Lord always, and again i say rejoice Rejoice, rejoice And again I say rejoice Rejoice, rejoice And again I say rejoice Rejoice in the Lord always, and... Continue Reading →


I've been keeping a secret.  It was a startling discovery.  I suppose I have done a good job as people seem surprised by the revelation. People I thought knew me pretty well.  At the same time, it has saddened me that people don't really know me.  It is mostly my fault; despite being an open book.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a squirrel

Last night I was standing at the edge of the ravine taking in the magnificent beauty before me.  Below there were little squirrels playing a game of chase.  They were all over the area.  Then a lone, noisy squirrel caught my attention.  I became completely engrossed with his activity. Lone squirrel was very active and... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Song

The leaves bristle in the wind And crunch under foot. The water splashes, The acorns thud As they hit the ground. The birds sing, The crickets chirp. The frogs croak, The critters chatter and frolic. These are the sounds In the busyness of life That I fail to notice Are all around me. Instead I... Continue Reading →

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