I have a bad habit.  I never thought of it as one until this week, but there it was staring me in the face, across multiple settings.  I suppose I have always done it, as a child, I was the youngest of five siblings.  I thought everyone knew everything, except me.  I learned to be... Continue Reading →


The word leaped from the reading that I was listening to this morning, Christine Caine's new book Unexpected   "Stalled."  I don't remember if the word following was faith or hope, listening while I get ready for work often means I listen to some books over and over to get the full impact; but the... Continue Reading →

The Plank

I am getting used to God speaking to me about my behavior when I think that I have been wronged personally. Maybe I am the only one who gets a righteous indignation about certain behaviors from others. That is where I have found myself today. Moving is taxing on any relationship, I'm told. My husband... Continue Reading →

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