The Lost Get Found

Yesterday I was visiting with my sister-in-law and cousin. We were talking about praise and worship music, my cousin was recommending a new CD she is listening to that inspires her. She made the comment "It really moved me." I love music and am often moved by different songs. Today as I was driving home,... Continue Reading →

The smallest part

We started our new discipleship study on Wednesday, the message was "The Church and You." One of the scriptures was I Cor. 12:12-31, where Paul writes about the importance of the individual parts of the body in comparison to the individual members in the body of Christ. We started talking about how everyone is important... Continue Reading →

That’s Not Faith

I have been reading "Discover the Real Jesus" by Bill Bright. There is this line that reads "Jesus expects us to pray in Faith." As I read that, I thought "Why would you pray in anything except faith?" I mean when you pray you make petition to the Lord for things. Why would you not... Continue Reading →

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