He stayed

So, when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was. John 11:6 I have heard many messages regarding this passage and interpretations of why when Jesus' friend Lazarus was sick He did not rush to Lazarus to heal him. Messages that ultimately point to the miraculous... Continue Reading →

Unopened gifts

The grand tree stands alone, perfectly decorated with little red boxes with black felt ribbons neatly tied. How the gifts are attached to the tree, I can not see, but it is a magnificent sight. I saw multiple boxes opened. Each with varying gifts. Although the boxes seemed small the gifts that poured out of... Continue Reading →

I bought these food containers. They are quite practical as the lid snaps on all four sides to ensure the contents remain safely inside. I bought one and liked it so much that I bought more. I have some plastic ones and some glass ones, all of varying sizes. They all serve the same purpose,... Continue Reading →

Encountering Christ

There were six people or groups whose stories we read on the Bible who encountered Christ in the beginning of His life on earth. Those people included Mary, Joseph, the inn keeper, the shephards, Simeon and Anna and the wise men. Despite these five stories, His life had been prophesied for centuries, and was available... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up

I had the privledge of being with our four to six year old children's church group this week. I forgot how much the teach me in the moment. I remember how much I can enjoy the children. They bring a fresh break from my normal routine. We were learning about the story of David and... Continue Reading →

Freed from Religion

I was praying recently and saw a vision of a giant black Bible.  It was opened, and a person was lying in the center of the fold.    The cover started to close with the pages closing over the person in the middle of Bible.  The person was writhing in pain, as the book closed... Continue Reading →

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