The Truth about your pocketbook

Some of the richest people I have met were the most miserable, discontent people.  For all their money and stuff they were so unpleasant to be around.  They make others uncomfortable too.  I have met rich happy people too.  Most of them realized it wasn't their pocketbook that made them rich. And I have worked... Continue Reading →

Take care first

We are taught when we get on an airplane that we have to take care of ourselves first.  This safety technique is taught at the beginning of every flight; reminding parents the take care of themselves first.  After they have oxygen on then they can safely take care of their child in case of an... Continue Reading →


Control, it's a big word for just seven letters.  As children we quickly learn that we want it.  We spend our life trying to gain it.  As aging adults we eventually lose any control we thought we had. The past year I have found there is so much outside of my control.  At the beginning... Continue Reading →

New Normal

Scantily dressed, Top less Pant less, Shoeless. I pictured myself.  That would be completely in appropriate if I chose to leave this way in an hour. Yet with parents beside them they walked out the doors. I walk in. Adults dressing and undressing. Children dressing and undressing. No privacy in the open space. No attention... Continue Reading →

How Much it Cost

In praise and worship Sunday night we were singing Tim Hughes' "Here I am to Worship".  We sing the song often, but last night was different.  The worship team got to the lyrics It was like the song stopped and those were the only words I could hear.  They resonated within my soul and took... Continue Reading →


God has called us all to give. So many people think that they have nothing to offer. Yet, we all have just what we need to give.  God not only tells us what to give, who to give to, but also how to give.  He set the perfect example for us and gave us clear instructions in... Continue Reading →

All you need

I saw a sign recently that said "All you need is love."  I thought about the number of trainings as a professional that I go to that contradict this comment.  Problems in society like poverty, the brokenness found in abuse and neglect, addictions, perversion, etc.  Love doesn't make these things go away. Today I realize... Continue Reading →

The Path #FMFParty

I wanted to write about the path of righteousness, but my mind has taken me down a different path today The Path of Loss It's a long journey The path is crooked It goes up and down It winds around Taking you down a path You never thought you would go again When you think... Continue Reading →

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