Take care first

airplaneWe are taught when we get on an airplane that we have to take care of ourselves first.  This safety technique is taught at the beginning of every flight; reminding parents the take care of themselves first.  After they have oxygen on then they can safely take care of their child in case of an in-flight emergency.

Why is it not the same in the United States?  We have elderly that must choose between food and medicine.  We have Veterans that go without needed services.  We have children in our streets with food insecurities.  We have millions without the ability to meet basic medical needs. We have homeless in our streets.

Yet, we dole out billions of dollars to other nations. We offer money to other nations to meet the same needs that our citizens are going without.  It’s  not that I don’t believe in humanitarian outreach, I do.  I just think we must take care of our citizens first before we can try to save others.

If we do not take safety steps to care for ourself first as a nation  our society will look much like it does now.  People are lying on the side struggling to help others because they didn’t make sure they had oxygen first.

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