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Promises from the Past

Then God was right before him, saying, “I am God , the God of Abraham your father and the God of Isaac. I’m giving the ground on which you are sleeping to you and to your descendants. Your descendants will … Continue reading

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Have you ever just needed a cup of coffee?  Old school coffee, not the k-cup kind.  Coffee where you grind up the beans, put the grounds in the coffee filter and brew a whole pot.  I love the aroma from … Continue reading

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Focus Song {#Write31Days}

When I have a hard time focusing and nothing else works, I turn to the power of music.  Songs have always played a powerful role in my life.  When I find things to be more difficult than I can handle, … Continue reading

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Focus on Help {#Write31Days}

There are two things in life that I admittedly really struggle with: 1) My weight and 2) Asking for help.  When it comes to needing help with my purpose or where I am needing to focus, I am not good … Continue reading

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Doorway to Focus {#Write31Days}

The second most often asked question I hear about focus is how do I focus?  For a girl with untreated Attention-Deficit Disorder for most of my life, focus is something that I have learned to do fairly well over the … Continue reading

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Focus on Why {#Write31Days}

Why?  It is one of the most important questions that we can ask ourselves.  So often we get stuck on the “Who?” and the “How?” that we never get to focus on the “Why?”. Why we do something is so … Continue reading

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Focus on What I Believe {#Write31Days}

Another thing that keeps me from truly focusing on the things that I know I am called by God to do is what I believe.  What I believe can be more powerful that what others believe about me.  What I … Continue reading

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Afraid to Focus {#Write31Days}

  Another reason that I have found it hard to focus is that I am afraid.  It is easy for me to look productive. I am a task oriented person.  I find accomplishment in finishing things, and there are a … Continue reading

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Focus on Your Story {#Write31Days}

Much of my life I have felt called to share my story.  I have in a sense shared most of it at some point or another, but I have felt like I needed to write it out, for at least … Continue reading

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Focus Your Mind

Join me for the next thirty-one days as I join other bloggers around the world for the #Write31Days challenge of October 2018. This is my fifth year to participate in the challenge, and honestly one I was not planning to … Continue reading

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