Answered Prayers

I am ending this 2008 year with great hopes for the new year. You see at the beginning of the year I visited my cousin's church. I don't remember why I was there, just that I was over taken by emotion seeing my cousin, her spouse, their three children, their significant others, and their children... Continue Reading →


I was reading in Matthew Chapter 4 about the Temptation of Christ last night and saw things with a fresh perspective. I mean most of us know about the temptation, but what the Word of God reveals is just really enlightening. First I noticed that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to... Continue Reading →

Change Your Perspective

Have you even been on the mountain one moment and then felt like you were in the valley? First you are on the mountain looking around and everything just looks great. Not that everything is perfect, but you just have that clear perspective looking out and can see the plain before you. Your perspective is... Continue Reading →

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