Distracted Focus

We were sitting in prayer, as we do most Sundays that my grandchildren are with me, praying before the service starts.  Typically one sits on each side, and they will cuddle up, but are peaceful.  They know that if they are going to talk during that time it is to God, not Mimi or each... Continue Reading →

Wheat vs Straw

I had to look up the differences between wheat and straw. I read that wheat is a grain, used to replant or to make foods. Straw is used to keep animals warm. It is the waste product. Christ gathers the wheat, those that are reproducing and those who are feeding others. Both purposes cause growth.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Glass

I love that I get amazing spiritual lessons from the most unconventional methods. My husband and I went and watched the movie Glass (2019) recently. I have seen the other movies in the trilogy. I honestly didn't remember them, other than that Split was psychological in nature. Before the movie, I asked my husband if... Continue Reading →

I love being in the presence of God, whether it is in my prayet closet, my car, in corporate church service, or while going about my daily life. Knowing that He is near, and being aware of His presnece changes my perspective. I recently read a book about the revival on Azusa Street and testimonies... Continue Reading →

The Journey

I love long drives. The open road, scenic picturesque views, the journey to reach an expected destination. My mind eventually clears and I can think on things that really matter as I leave my everyday life behind. Today I'm riding, so it lets me also pause to put fingers to the keyboard. As I look... Continue Reading →

Even when I don’t understand

I often fail in my purpose out of fear, but when fear passes, what I regret is the missed opportunities. God is faithful to His promises, I am called to stand in faith for what He is asking of me and faithfully obey, even when I don't understand.   I read the Scriptures,  and I... Continue Reading →


Search my heart God, that has been the cry of my heart and on my lips. Asking God, "Reveal the things in me  that are not of You and to give me eyes to see Myself as You sees me."   Christ took it all upon Him, but it is so easy for me to... Continue Reading →


I have always told God "I needed one stable piece in my life" so I could stay stable even in the shaking. Be it work, or family,  or friends, etc. I realized, God wants to be my stable even when everything else is changing, including me. God is the Rock. He is the firm foundation,... Continue Reading →

Reminders from the Past

January 2019 went by like a whirlwind; as the new year starts I have had several reminders from the past. Things that I rarely think about, have taken a forefront of my attention. Sarah Jakes Roberts put is best in her book Don't Settle for Safe, "The gift of growing requires letting go.  We have... Continue Reading →

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