I love being in the presence of God, whether it is in my prayet closet, my car, in corporate church service, or while going about my daily life. Knowing that He is near, and being aware of His presnece changes my perspective. I recently read a book about the revival on Azusa Street and testimonies from those who were present and participated in the might move of God during that time.

Several talked about the tangible presence of God that was seen and felt all around the revival. They talked about fire fighters responding to the fire of God falling and smoke alarms sounding despite no physical fire. Multiple witnesses talked about the fog of glory. True Stories from the Miracles of Azusa Street and Beyond: Relive One of the Greatest Outpourings in History that is Breaking Loose Again by Tommy Welchel will stir the faith and expectancy of anyone praying for a move of God. The book made me consider what that will look like in this world me live in now, some 100 plus years after that great move of God.

As I was driving out of town with my husband today, I noticed what in the distance looked like clouds of smoke. Upon closer look, it was snow or frost covered trees on the rolling hills. The trees closer to me are brown and any remaining frost is hidden from view. My car kept coming up with weather alerts, but our path was clear.

I thought about how that is also true with God’s presence. There are times, where those around me are excited about His presence and yet I see and feel nothing. I have let life’s weight and circumstances block what God is doing.

There are times when God’s presence is so near and yet there are people all around unaware of the move that is going on around them. They may hear the news, but they can not see in evidence in their own life.

I dont want God’s tangible presence to be far off. I want to encounter it. I don’t just want to hear or see about it. I want to expereince Him, His power, and His glory.

I want to see a move of God. One that is so evident the world around is transformed. One where there is physocal evidence pulling others in to His presence.

I would love to see God’s presence fill His temples, not just the buildings but His people. A presence that can not be denied, not be fabricated, and not be stopped. I want to see the miraculous healings and lives transformed. I want to see a move like that of Azusa Street in my own community and in communities all around the world.

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