Lessons from Glass

I love that I get amazing spiritual lessons from the most unconventional methods. My husband and I went and watched the movie Glass (2019) recently. I have seen the other movies in the trilogy. I honestly didn’t remember them, other than that Split was psychological in nature. Before the movie, I asked my husband if it was a drama, suspense, thriller. I am not into scary movies, so I was a little bit taken back by one of the previews.

glassFrom the start of the film, I felt a spiritual message, correlations to the story line and where things need to go spiritually. That the villain would make quotes that would speak so sharply to my spirit, just goes to show God can use anything to speak if we are listening. As I walked out of the theater, I thought, “I might be the only person who teared up during this movie.”I am sure that there are more quotes from the movie, but these are ones that I could remember and pull from the internet. I know that I will likely go back and watch the movie again just to pull out more of what was speaking to me as I watched the movie.

“Belief in one’s self is contagious. We are put here for something larger. We are fighting for the broken.” – Elijah Price

Our position does not come from a title or role that the world has placed on us, but from God, our creator.   Our belief is not in who we are, but in who He is in us.  If we don’t believe in our position in Christ, how can we convince the world that Christ holds the answer.  Our belief in who we are in Christ, should be contagious.

We all have a part to play in something that is so much larger than ourselves – God’s Kingdom.  When we fail to do our part, someone else has to pick up the slack and in turn give less attention to what they are called to do.  So many Christian’s, especially those in leadership are spread thin because they are carrying the weight of tasks they are not called to do.  For some, it is a matter of control, but for others it is because they know that is must be done for the greater good and are not willing to let anyone or anything fall through the cracks.

As Christians, we are fighting for the lost and broken around us. One of the lessons that really stuck with me going though my college courses, is that sometimes we have to be the hope for the hopeless until they can begin to hope again.  As Christians, we are have the Hope for the hopeless.  We can lead the Way for the lost.  We have to fight the battle for those who are oppressed.  We can bring healing to the broken.  Christ holds that key, and we are often the door that should be open to letting others walk through to the victory they need.

“I found someone who will require your full potential. You shouldn’t be hiding in the shadows.” – Elijah Price

This quote probably spoke to the me the loudest, because too often I allow myself to stay in my comfort zone instead of using my full potential, or even just the potential I know that I have.  All around us are people who need our full potential.  For each of us, that potential is different, but God wants all of us for His Kingdom purpose.  He doesn’t need us, He wants us.  He will place people in our lives that will draw that potential out of us, by challenging us to grow or by antagonizing us out of our comfort zone.  He doesn’t want us hiding in the shadows, He wants the world to see what Christ can do in and through those who follow Him.

“Finally all of us together, for the world to see what we are capable of.” – Elijah Price

As I watched this movie, we were just coming out of a corporate fast (A time where a large portion of our church congregation gave themselves to prayer while giving up certain foods or food types).  There was such unity, and where there is unity God commands the blessing.  I couldn’t help but think, that it is the beginning of another great move of God.  A move that will cause the world to see what a unified body of Christ is capable of for Him.

The was an origin story the whole time.” – Elijah Price

Along with the quote above, we were celebrating the end of the fast.  However, I also couldn’t help but think that the fast was just an origin story.  A story where God was going to begin to work from, not an end to what He was calling us to do.  It is so true.  It has been amazing to see how He is continuing to work.  It is not just in our church body, but in stories I hear from other believers around this region.  I know that God is just starting to stir His people, that our God who never changes, is also doing something new in His people, and this is just the beginning of it.

Everything extraordinary is easily explained away. And yet, it is still true.” – Elijah Price

Some would try to explain away the mighty works of God.  They would give credit where it is not due or argue the facts have been misinterpreted.  Miracles still happen, people can argue and try to explain them away, but they are none the less true.  You can not convince someone who has been cured of cancer that they are healed.  You can not convince someone who has seen a broken marriage restored that miracles don’t happen.  You can not convince someone who has had broken family relationships reconciled that God is not working extraordinary things to show that He is still alive and moving in our communities.  Jesus is bigger than facts, He is the Truth.

It is amazing to me that God can use an ordinary movie to bring a deeper revelation and understanding to me about what He is trying to do.  Maybe we are on the cusp of something amazing.  Maybe I was just in a position to hear more clearly because I had removed all the other distractions during the fast.  Maybe, you want to explain it away, but me I choose to believe that in the fight for the broken, God wants me to believe in the position I have in Him, use the full potential of what He has placed in me for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom of God.  He is ready for the world to see what a submitted body of Christ is capable of when they are unified in Him.

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