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A Mother’s View

Last night we watched Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ for Resurrection Sunday. I couldn’t help as a mother having empathy for Mary. I know that much of her role is has been added to for the drama, but I … Continue reading

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Can I maybe call you Daddy?

“Can I maybe call you dad?” Those simple words on the screen from a little girl to her daddy brought tears to my eyes. There is a difference between a father and a dad. All daddies are fathers in my book, … Continue reading

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The last miracle before death

Friday was Good Friday. My husband and I watched Mel Gibson’s 2004 movie, The Passion of the Christ. I wanted to pause to see a small reflection of what my Savior did to reconcile us back to relationship with God. … Continue reading

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Lessons from Glass

I love that I get amazing spiritual lessons from the most unconventional methods. My husband and I went and watched the movie Glass (2019) recently. I have seen the other movies in the trilogy. I honestly didn’t remember them, other … Continue reading

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Sin, I pick, My Strong

I always find it interesting what He speaks to me through.  I suppose He uses whatever we allow in front of us to try to get our attention.  Friday, I was watching a Canadian film the other night called ROOM.  … Continue reading

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Lessons from Hacksaw Ridge

Last night I watched a surprisingly excellent movie.  I say surprisingly because I  am not a war/combat movie fan.  As a child, I was forced to watch way too many war movies and westerns, so generally they are not my … Continue reading

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Help and Shield

I was watching a television show the other night and there was a protest going on.  On one side people were yelling at the police for not doing enough.  The other group of people were yelling because the police were interfering. In the middle stood the police … Continue reading

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Expect {#Write31Days}

Matthew 24:44 (NKJV)  Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. I recently went with a group of women from my church to see the new Left Behind movie.  I … Continue reading

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There  are  many  times  in  my  life  where I  feel  overwhelmed. I  am  currently  in  one  of  those  seasons.  Much  of  it  has  to  do  with  the  changes  going  on around  me.  I  have  jokingly  thought, I  need  to  plan … Continue reading

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Last night I was watching Olympus has Fallen with my husband. I started thinking about it from a spiritual perspective.   I became overwhelmed by the picture that played out before me.   As a nation, we have allowed small compromises to … Continue reading

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