I've quoted it before Knew it by heart Fresh revelation Simple, yet profound Salvation brings the Spirit The Spirit brings fruit Fruit contains joy Sin taints the fruit Joy fades away Repentance spoken Willingness to obey comes Joy is restored A picture of Love.

Words spoken

Sunday my pastor shared from a traditional passage of the Christmas story, Luke 1:26-38.   It was a powerful message about the miracle of Christmas.  The miracle that began nine months before the miracle in the manger. It was a reminder that God is still a God of miracles. As he wrapped things up, he talked... Continue Reading →

God at the Gun Range

Last week I went and shot guns for the first time in my life. My boss opened up the opportunity for me to come shoot on her property.  For the past year I have talked about doing it, but I hadn't made the time.  So, when I got the text, of course my answer was "Yes!"  I... Continue Reading →

Nothing is wasted {I feel…}

We live in a society where people ask "how are you?," without really caring about the response.  It's a passing question, where again how you truly are is ignored.  You learn to put on the mask of "fine." or "great." even when the world is crashing down around you. I think that most people have... Continue Reading →

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