I have learned that {#Tuesday@Ten}

I have learned that the best things in life may be free (English Proverb) BUT Someone paid the price. Salvation is free to me.  There is nothing I can do to earn salvation, it is a free gift of God.  I must only believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and I will be saved.  I... Continue Reading →

Rise and Shine

There is a song we sang as I child, 'It's time to rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory. Rise and shine and Give God the glory glory, rise and shine and give God the glory glory, children of the world." When my kids were growing up I would greet them in the... Continue Reading →

Trauma Journey

Recently I attended at training on Trauma Informed Care.  This is something that I have attended training on since I obtained my license.  It has a growing knowledge base in the field.  I was reminded that trauma occurs when there is an event that is experienced with adverse affects.  I was also reminded that trauma... Continue Reading →

I am Encouraged by….

WORDS. Sometimes encouragement comes from random words spoken by an unknowing person.  Words that have a deeper meaning to me.  Words that the person speaking can not begin to understand the depth of impact on me personally.  God knows that words speak to me.  Words invigorate me.  It seems that during my deepest struggles God... Continue Reading →

Be with me

How do I go Where I have not been? How do I face What I have not seen? How can I follow With no one to lead? How can I stand When I feel so alone? Take me hand Lord Lead me through. This journey ahead, Overwhelms my soul Help as I know That only... Continue Reading →

Death by phone

Today I was sitting in a professional training and the presenter asked us to think about the death of a loved one.  Three immediately came to mind, as there are three people who are very dear to me that I have lost.  I could not choose to pick just one.  When I think of death... Continue Reading →

I often wonder

I often wonder how we got so far off from the way that God intended things. I understand that we live in a fallen world, and that we are sinners, but I do often wonder how we could let things go as far as they have. I wonder how the small compromises that no one... Continue Reading →

Don’t be satisfied with a glimpse, or even a taste if you can experience the fullness

I was talking with a friend recently about the difference between receiving something for your self from God versus reading something or hearing it.   She said that she said knew something, but was still struggling in that area of her life.  I was sitting in the drive thru line waiting to grab food, as I... Continue Reading →


Reading through my church reading plan I came upon familiar scriptures.  As always, when I really get in to the Word, I saw things from a different perspective than I have ever seen or heard before.  I love how God's Word is truly living, if it wasn't there would never be new ideas as we... Continue Reading →

Helping in Faith

Tuesday as I was pumping gas, a lady come up from behind and asked if I could do her a favor.  She needed to get a few towns over, her car was on fumes, and her grandmother was in the hospital not expected to make it.  Without hesitation I walked over to her pump, slide... Continue Reading →

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