Helping in Faith

refuelTuesday as I was pumping gas, a lady come up from behind and asked if I could do her a favor.  She needed to get a few towns over, her car was on fumes, and her grandmother was in the hospital not expected to make it.  Without hesitation I walked over to her pump, slide in my card, and told her to fill up.  She appeared grateful and offered me things that were in the back of her vehicle.  I let her know that was not necessary, and went back to my car.

As I pulled out, I saw that the gas handle was back in the pump and she had walked over to other people who were pumping gas and the two gentlemen were reaching in their billfold and handing her something (I made the assumption that it was money).  For a moment, I was a little peeved that she would ask for more when she had the opportunity to get the gas she needed for her trip.

I quickly recalled a conversation with a friend earlier in the month about how sometimes people really take advantage of programs that help.  Those with big hearts often get burned as they help someone who doesn’t really need the help.  He spoke of the fancy cars at the food banks.  I explained that sometimes people with good things often get hit with hard times, but I could see his point.  I have seen it too.  I explained that there will always be people who take advantage of good things.  A store can have the lowest prices, but people still get caught stealing.  The same is true with social services.

As I pulled away from the station and on to my destination, I received a check in my spirit.  It reminded me that I was called to help, not to judge.  Jesus didn’t judge others when He helped them, even though He had the right.  He saw a need, He met it.  It didn’t matter if they were still living in sin.  It didn’t matter if they had repeatedly begged in the same spot for years and appeared beyond help.  It only mattered that He saw the need, and that He could meet it.  He shared out of who He was.  He was moved not by the need, but by the faith of the person asking.  We are called to meet the need, not based on the person in front of us, but by the love of the God who saved us and our faith in Him.

I am reminded of a quote “God told us to follow Christ’s example.  Christ didn’t just give some of His life, He gave it all.  We too need to give every area of our life, 100% to God.” – Unknown

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