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Obedience is better than sacrifice.  This portion of scripture found in I Samuel 14:22 kept playing through my head as I thought about the sacrifice I was feeling, being out in cold rainy weather.  I would have preferred to stay … Continue reading

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Met by Attitude

I was struck with the attitude in responses I heard in this passage this morning during my quiet time. One day as Jesus was preaching on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, great crowds pressed in on him to … Continue reading

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The Crowned Queen

POD #6: Your Royal Highness: There was a time in my life that I thought I was the crowned queen of the world.  It was a fantasy world that many of the members allowed me to fill.  Yes, my world … Continue reading

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Last month my husband bought me a new truck.  Prior to getting it, I had only driven a truck twice, and have driven a small car for the past four years.  It is definitely taking some getting use too in … Continue reading

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The Whisper of Temptation {#Write31Days}

Temptation – we all face it, yet most never talk about it.   It hides in the dark areas of our life.  The temptation whispers, “No one need know.” but the condemnation from the guilt and shame of giving in to temptation shouts. We believe … Continue reading

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Relationship, Understanding, and Tests{#Write31Days}

In Genesis 22 we find the story of Abraham and Isaac.  Abraham had been given a promise that seemed impossible back in Genesis 12:1-3.  The promise to become the father of many nations was first given when Abraham was seventy-five years … Continue reading

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God has called us all to give. So many people think that they have nothing to offer. Yet, we all have just what we need to give.  God not only tells us what to give, who to give to, but also how … Continue reading

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The Household

In exasperation I place my hand on my hip, ready to allow the venom of my words to flow as my eyes meet the countertop of dirty dishes that were not there when I went to sleep just five hours before. … Continue reading

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Go into, Wait

We are instructed to wait on God, and go into the world.  Somewhere we got our waiting confused with the command to go.    We spend so much time “going for God” we are missing what God commanded us to … Continue reading

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My weakness

In the social work profession,  I am trained in strengths perspective.  This perspective is about focusing on the strengths and abilities rather than deficits. I can typically find strengths in the most difficult of circumstances. Most people have a hard … Continue reading

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