Quiet #FMF

I remember the first time I felt that still small voice say “Be still.” Standing still was hard enough, it takes intention on my part to not move. I know it wasn’t my body that needed to be be still, but instead God needed me to quiet my soul so I could hear from Him.... Continue Reading →

Succeed or Fail, I Give Myself Permission

I was scanning my emails this morning, and saw the Five Minute Friday prompt word PERMISSION. And immediately I thought, why is it that I fail to step out where I know God has called me? He has given me permission. He equips me. He calls me. The failure comes in that I haven't given... Continue Reading →


Webster’s Dictionary defines enable as: 1 a: to provide with the means or opportunityb: to make possible, practical, or easyc: to cause to operate2: to give legal power, capacity, or sanction to The Lord enables us to step out if we will keep our eyes open to the opportunities that He places before us. Isaiah... Continue Reading →


Stepping out can be as easy as being observant to the role and circumstances around you. Taking notice of things that others may miss to meet the needs of another. You will be surprised the way that God will use you, if you just keep your eyes open to opportunities. It might be observing a... Continue Reading →

Once We Step out

When it comes to stepping out, it only takes once. Usually it is taking that first step out that is the hardest. As Newton’s law of motions states “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon... Continue Reading →

Stepping Out #Write28Days

Each year, I try to seek God about what He would have me focus on for the year. Some years I am better than others about following through on it, but I do generally ask and begin seeking areas where He is trying to grow me. This year was no different, and even before the... Continue Reading →

Focus Close {#Write31Days}

When all else fails, or even better before you start your journey, realize that if you seek God first, He will guide your path right where He wants you to focus. If you are feeling discontent, look at how close you are drawing to Him. If you are feeling lost, look at how close you... Continue Reading →

Focus your Voice {#Write31Days}

What you say about your dreams, visions, and goals is more important than what anyone other than God says  about them.  Because of this, it is important that you focus your voice to speak life into your purpose.  None of us can stop the thoughts from coming into our mind, but you don't need to... Continue Reading →

Focus Together {#Write31Days}

Much of my married life was spent chasing my own dreams and goals and my husband chasing his.  To say that we are completely different in our thinking is an understatement.  The things we like to do are different, as our are taste in music, movies, activities.  Our interests are on opposite ends of the... Continue Reading →

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