Quiet #FMF

I remember the first time I felt that still small voice say “Be still.” Standing still was hard enough, it takes intention on my part to not move. I know it wasn’t my body that needed to be be still, but instead God needed me to quiet my soul so I could hear from Him. The physical body being still was just an outward expression of what I needed to do with my mind.

I know I am not the only one that sits down for quiet time with the Lord and my mind races with more thoughts than I probably have all day. Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it makes the point and it does feel that way. My thoughts would flood my mind like a film in fast forward.

As I learned to still my body, I also learned to quiet my mind. I realized when Intake the time to do this daily, it becomes easier to do, and I can do it for longer times.

I learned I had to quiet distractions. When my kids were still at home that meant staying up late to have my own quiet time. I had to wait for them to be in bed to get a space without distractions. As they got older, I was able to shift to mornings. They recognized I needed my Jesus time in the morning. Now I can even add a few carve outs in the day just to quit my soul and reconnect, when I make the intentional effort to quiet the distractions.

It also meant learning to quiet my phone. I forget to turn the ringer back on when it goes to silent. I quiet my phone on Sunday’s at church and it’s usually mid afternoon before I remember to turn it back on most of the time. My phone sets to “do not disturb” pretty around 9 p.m. and doesn’t turn on until I start my work day, with the exception of my immediate family. I also limit the notifications I am alerted to by my phone to quiet those distractions. If I pick up my phone I can see the missed messages and other things, but I am not distracted by the alerts anymore.

Quieting my soul, also takes me being present. This means, no multitasking. I need to be fully present, body, mind, will and emotions. He still can speak if I am not, but I receive so much better when I do.

I spend a lot of my quiet time in the Word. It is living. I let it speak to me. God knows my heart, my desires and needs. I need to be quiet to hear from Him and His word speaks when I quiet my soul to receive from Him.

I have had two of my grandchildren this month and I realize how much I miss my routine in my quiet time. I am used to being able to play the Bible audibly early in the morning, but I don’t want to wake them so my routine is a little off. I still start my day with it, but I feel more confined. It definitely impacts my mood not to have that quiet time like I have grown used to. I am enjoying my time with the kids; I also have an expectation that when I can go back to my regular routine in my quiet time it will be that much sweeter.

Five Minute Friday inspired post.

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