Stepping out can be as easy as being observant to the role and circumstances around you. Taking notice of things that others may miss to meet the needs of another. You will be surprised the way that God will use you, if you just keep your eyes open to opportunities.

It might be observing a facial expression that doesn’t match the words everyone else is hearing. Going to the person privately you step out and ask if everything is okay. You end up listening to the hurts that someone would normally hide. God uses you to help someone release some of the burden they have been trying to carry alone. He uses you to carry another’s burden for a short time.

Being observant in your environment, taking notice of someone who is suppose to be present, but isn’t. Reaching out to someone who doesn’t show up when they normally would, calling them or stopping by to check on them. It can open doors to helping someone feel like they matter. Yes, it’s easy to just ask someone else where the person is. Maybe the person needs to know they are missed. Maybe God wants to use you to help someone know they belong and they are seen.

Being observant to nonverbal communication cues or tones when someone is coming or going. Reaching out to someone who seems a little more tired than normal, more rushed, or stressed. Stepping out to say “I notice.” God uses you to help someone realize they are not going through life alone. It may help you identify a tangible way that you can help that maybe would have otherwise went unseen.

Being observant of things that are important to another can be a reminder to someone that they are heard. It can be as simple as asking about something that some shared about before, following up on it. Or remembering a birthday with a quick call, card, or text. It might be mentioning an important anniversary, a job, transition, the death of a loved one, or other important date to see how they are doing or acknowledging the accomplishment. God may use you to remind someone they are important to Him also.

If your observant to the world around you, God will use you. It may be someone you know well. It could be someone you see regularly but don’t interact with. It could even be a complete stranger. If you looking God will show you His children. He will show you the hurting. He will show you someone in need. He will show you how you can be His hands and feet, if you’re observant.

This post is part of a 28 days series on Stepping Out inspired by the #Write28Days Blogging Challenge by Anita Ojeda. Prompt today was from Kate M at Five Minute Fridays.

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