Change Your Perspective

Have you even been on the mountain one moment and then felt like you were in the valley?

First you are on the mountain looking around and everything just looks great. Not that everything is perfect, but you just have that clear perspective looking out and can see the plain before you. Your perspective is one looking out and because things are in front of you, they seem possible and attainable. You are on top of the world.santis-505996_1280

Then without notice, you are in the valley. You feel like you couldn’t go any lower. It feels like the world is coming down around you. Walls are surrounding you on every side, and you have an overwhelming sense that nothing will ever work out for you.

But if you stop to think about it, you realize that you never moved. Things changed because you allowed Satan to get in and change your perspective. You are still standing the same place that you were the day before. The only thing that has changed is your perspective.

You allowed Satan to draw your focus to what is surrounding you, the walls that surround where you are. He has drawn your focus to the place straight ahead or maybe behind you, the mountainous walls. He has chosen to get you to focus there, because he knows it will discourage you and stop you in your tracks.

But then you look up. You see that you are not in the valley, but on the mountain peak, right where you were before. You look up to see God on the next peak up desperately trying to get your attention “Hey, look up here” He shouts. His hand outreached, waiting for you to look up and in faith take His hand, to reach the next level in your journey.

At that point you have a critical decision to make – do you allow Satan to mountain-298999_1280keep your focus on the mountainous walls surrounding you so that you feel overwhelmed or do you tell Satan to get under your feet and use him as a ladder to reach up to God’s outstretched hand to reach the next peak in the path God has for you.

Change your perspective. Start looking up, no matter what you think you see before you, God will always bring you up to the next level if you reach up in faith!

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