Nature’s Song

The leaves bristle in the wind
And crunch under foot.

The water splashes,
The acorns thud
As they hit the ground.
The birds sing,
The crickets chirp.
The frogs croak,
The critters chatter and frolic.

These are the sounds
In the busyness of life
That I fail to notice
Are all around me.

Instead I hear
The humming of the cars,
The ringing of the phone,
The chatter of the television,
And the mumbling of voices.
All designed to drown out
The song of nature.

In the peacefulness of nature,
I hear the subtle sound
Of praise.
All of nature cries out
Glory to the Lord.
In perfect harmony,
They worship.

For a brief moment,
I pause,
And join in
nature’s song.

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