Trust in the Failure {Write31Days}

We often say a lot of words, that carry little value because we do not actually put action behind our Words.  Our actions tell if what we say is true.  When I say “You are my God” to the Lord and then put other things before Him or let other things guide my decisions, that is not truly trusting Him.

Saying “You, God,  are my supreme being” means that God has the highest rank in my life. While some days that is true, the reality is I often put other things before Him.  I don’t mean that in a religious way.  I don’t feel like God condemns me if there is a special event and I go to that instead of church.  I don’t think He judges when I put off Bible Study to the end of the day because I didn’t sleep and my morning was booked with activities.   God doesn’t break things down in to the daily moments, He is looking for the lifestyle of my choices.  Do they reflect Him being first, or are other people or things truly my god.psalm3114

Saying “God You are the source of my moral authority” and then living immoral doesn’t show a trust in God.  God knows that we will never be perfect.  Justifying my wrong behaviors by the past though, says “It doesn’t matter that God says it is wrong, my past makes it okay.”  Any excuse we make becomes the source of our moral authority, it becomes our god.

With the exception of David, and a few picturesque moments in the lives of other people in the Bible, we rarely see the  moment by moment thought life and activities.  We get the highlight reals of failures and triumph that are meant to inspire us that we too can be used by God.  There are faith stories to build us up. We can trust that if God can do it for them,  He can do it for us.

David shows us the vulnerability of the soul throughout the Psalms.  He shows us the thought patterns that most of us go through, the ones we try to hide.  He shows us the ups and downs, the anger, the desire for revenge, the brokenness, and the joy.  Despite David’s emotional ups and downs, David’s heart was to please God.  The Bible records David breaking many of the ten commandments – murder, jealousy, adultery, breaking the Sabbath, lying.  Despite David’s failures, God said David had a heart like His.

God wasn’t looking at the isolated events that so capture our attention in our own lives.  Satan wants us to be focused on our failures.  God knew David would sin.  God knows we will sin too.  He still paid the price for our salvation.  And just like David, God can still use us. God was looking at David’s overall desire to please Him and serve God.  With every failure, David was repentant and returned to God taking responsibility for his thoughts and actions.

God is not focused on our failure, He can turn that in to a way to help someone else.  God not frightened by our emotional ups and downs, He just wants our emotional turmoil to end with Him.  God wants to be first place in our life because when we make Him our God, and trust fully in Him, He will take every aspect of our life and use it for His glory and honor.




This blog is part of a #Write31Days series on trust.  31 Days is an online writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day.

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